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One Year With Enid

Exactly a year ago today we brought our beloved therapy cat Enid home. Enid is a beautiful, gentle, caring and loyal Maine Coon cat. She really is Neiva’s best friend. We’ve had a wonderful first…

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Five Days In Beautiful Anglesey…. (and a Vlog)

We first visited this beautiful island when Neiva had just turned two and fell in love instantly! We’ve holidayed here in full glorious sunshine and in the gloomy British rain and we’ve honestly loved both…

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What Is Hyperlexia (video)

definition: HYPER (hy-per) pref: over, beyond LEXIA (lex-see-ah) suffix: Greek: “word” Latin: “to read” We are excited to share a wonderful video all about hyperlexia featuring our very own fearless little girl. Given that the main characteristic of…

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Screen Time vs Green Time: The Importance Of Nature In Childhood …

It’s important to note before reading on that I am certainly not anti-screen time. Neiva loves her iPad. She plays games and watches programmes and videos. Although we don’t have a TV in our living…

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Hyperlexia Awareness Day

2 April 2017 is #worldautismday and over the past week I have seen and read some really heartwarming ‘victory over adversity’ stories and loved reading the wonderful work schools and charities are doing to raise…

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