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When A Flower Does Not Bloom

This has been such a difficult post to write. It is very bitter sweet. For the last four years, Neiva has been in primary school. A wonderful one. One of the best. I have never…

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Hyperlexia & Echolalia

My daughter’s very first love happened at aged 2. We were having an afternoon at home, CBeebies was quietly playing in the background, Neiva was on the floor playing with her toys, a ‘nothing out…

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And Next Comes L: An Interview with Dyan Robson

Changing lives, one light bulb moment at a time. I love that quote. Whenever I think of a “light bulb” moment I’m immediately taken back to the day we discovered Hyperlexia. For so many months…

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A Month Of Snowy February …

The beautifully pure snowdrop is the first flower of the year. The blossoming of the snowdrop is a sign, that the winter is transforming to springtime. Although you would be forgiven for thinking we are…

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Goodbye Autumn

September arrived and summer was fading fast. The air had started to cool and, as the nights drew closer and the days shorter, my heart did sink a little. Suddenly, our long sunny evening walks…

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