Nature Curriculum: Tree Study

This weeks topic in our nature curriculum is all about the wonder of trees. Anyone who knows Neiva knows she has an all consuming love of trees. It is so heartwarming to watch this beautiful connection she has with them. Since this week fell over half term, we planned to make a special trip to Neiva’s favourite spot and to see her favourite forest friends.

Our reading book of the week was an absolutely delightful story book called The Things That I Love About Trees. This beautiful and gentle book describes how the buds of the plum tree bloom in the spring and how its leaves grow green and lush in the summer. Time goes by, and soon we see those same leaves fall in the autumn – now the branches are bare for the cold winter-months.

Our art of the week was Apple Blossom or “Spring” by Sir John Everett Millais. Since Neiva is only seven, we just discussed the colours and what she thought the young women were doing (“having a lovely picnic with the girls” was Neiva’s interpretation rather than the actual slightly darker underlying theme). The painting symbolises a carefree youth with this serene spring scene, wildflowers in the hair etc… but the scythe on the right of the picture reminds us that youth and life is fleeting, a little deep for Neiva to look into at the moment, but our weekly art interpretation is something I am looking forward to delving into more thoroughly as she gets older.

Our poem of the week was again taken from the book I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree. The poem Every Time I Climb A Tree was perfect for its nostalgic relatable lyrics and great for rhyming words practice.

We spent the rest of the week in the very beautiful Yorkshire Dales. We usually venture here in October so it was nice to see the daffodils and hear the new lambs bleating in the fields. Neiva picked out the leaves from the various trees around her favourite spot and when we got home we made a leaf print for her nature journal.

Next week.. the life cycle of a plant.



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