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Nature Curriculum: Caterpillars

The first two weeks in May in our nature curriculum are dedicated to Caterpillars. This is so exciting for us because a few days ago we purchased our very first butterfly garden complete with 5…

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Chocolate Bird Nests

The beginning of March was our first official week of home education using the nature curriculum Exploring Nature With Children. Our seasonal study unit this week was nesting birds. We ended our week by making…

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Preparing To Homeschool

For those of you who read my last post you will know we have made the decision to home educate Neiva following a nature curriculum. In the early stages of planning it felt like a…

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When A Flower Does Not Bloom

This has been such a difficult post to write. It is very bitter sweet. For the last four years, Neiva has been in primary school. A wonderful one. One of the best. I have never…

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Hyperlexia & Echolalia

My daughter’s very first love happened at aged 2. We were having an afternoon at home, CBeebies was quietly playing in the background, Neiva was on the floor playing with her toys, a ‘nothing out…

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