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Nature Curriculum: Caterpillars

The first two weeks in May in our nature curriculum are dedicated to Caterpillars. This is so exciting for us because a few days ago we purchased our very first butterfly garden complete with 5…

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Nature Curriculum: Wildflowers

In Spring, one of the best things we look forward to is seeing woodland turn into the most beautiful violet carpet of bluebells. They seem to spring up from nowhere, even in our garden which…

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Nature Curriculum: Plant Life Cycle

This week in our nature curriculum is dedicated to the life cycle of a plant. Do you remember being a small child looking at a beautiful flower or looking up at the tallest tree and…

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Nature Curriculum: Tree Study

This weeks topic in our nature curriculum is all about the wonder of trees. Anyone who knows Neiva knows she has an all consuming love of trees. It is so heartwarming to watch this beautiful…

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Nature Curriculum: Garden Snails

This weeks topic in our nature curriculum was all about garden snails. I must admit I wasn’t all that enamoured by this subject on first glance, given that they descend en mass to feast on…

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